Monday, 12 October 2009

officially shit

okay I'am shit but I promise and update this week. What with redundancy, new job, keeping fit and life it all got in the way........but promises, promises (ala Lady Gaga) I will return!!!!!!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

such a sucker for a final girl


Presenting the trio of ladies from the upcoming Halloween II!

Looking good. Loving the toughened up Laurie Strode. Movie will be badass!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Okay, I was fairly excited about this but now that I see the trailer I'm feeling a little meh.

But hey, the return of Juno is cool. But the overwhelming feeling of meh is there....maybe I'm having a bad day.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

This is why X-MEN rock!!!!

Peter David's X-Factor, 45 - an X-Men related title has mainstream comic books first gay kiss between Rictor and Shatterstar.

The series has dropped hints at their relationship before, the panel confirms their deeper feelings, and David is quick to reassure that "no, it’s not a fake out. A number of people seem to be concerned that Star is still under Cortex’s control. Or that Rictor is going to freak out the next panel and say, 'Dude, what the hell?' That would be cheap. I don’t do cheap. Okay, sometimes I do, but not this time. I’m not interested in having people say, 'Peter David introduced this and then chickened out.'"

This is cool! Makes me happy to be a comic book nerd, an X-Men fan and a homo!

Monday, 29 June 2009

"What happened to Rosemary??????"

Many many cool things happened over the weekend for me! I refuse to talk about Michael Jackson as I frankly thing it now done and dusted and I couldn't care less for the man when he was alive and equally now that he is dead......

Besides, so I had a 3 day weekend and Friday was cool and chilled, slept in, chiiled, went to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the imax (it was very good). Saturday, went to gym, went for a wander, had japanese for dinner then went to the Italian weekend of terror at the GFT to see Fulci's House by the Cemetary. Which was great to see on the big screen as I do find it one of Fulci's best.

Sunday.....went to the gym. Tried a Bento box for the first time.......amazing! Then went to the second day of italian horror. This time round Ruggero Deodato's Cut and Run and Lamberto Bava's Macabre. I have seen these movies many times and again it was great to see them on the big screen but what made the best part is that Ruggero Deodato and Lamberto Bava were actually there to do a Q & A, which was amazing. Both unlike what you would think and were actually quite quiet, humble and gentle men. Deodato wasn't afraid to be frank and honest about this actors, moreso his distaste for American actors. I mean just being near the guy who created the infamous Cannibal Holocaust was cool and led to a humiliating moment when my pen would work when I asked him to sign my dvd and Lamberto Bava looked so happy to see people enjoying his film. I mean this was the man who directed fucking Demons.........a movie that totally shaped my childhood and later when Mark and I asked if we could get our picture taken with him was so nice and shook MY hand and told me he was pleased to meet me......not the other way around which it should have been.

So I now own a signed copies of Cannibal Holocaust, Cut and Run, Demons and Shock! Result. So a grand weekend of Japanese food, italian horror and time with the dude..... bliss.

Mark and I with Lamberto Bava

Mark and I with Ruggero Deodato

Monday, 22 June 2009

Michael Myers is D.E.A.D!!!!!!!

Oh my god......anytime my excitement for this movie slightly dies down, they release more footage.

This looks so god-damn good. I genuinely cannot wait and all of those Rob Zombie Halloween remake haters can go fuck themselves in the ass and fucking watch their copies of the Prom Night remake on a loop. They wouldn't know horror even if it had Dame Jamie Lee Curtis in it or not!!! Point made!


Friday, 5 June 2009

Putting the the in THE

Hmmmm not sure. Hated the first one, liked the second, LOVED the third....Maybe I'll adore this one. Escalator death ride does look fun though!

"Hey Honey you gotta sister?"

Yay! It's the weekend, and as from 4pm I have 3 days off and also weirdly timed I have the next 3 Friday the 13th Deluxe Editions arrive in the post a week and a half before release date! Yay! Finally a chance to watch The Final Chapter in 5.1 surround and also see the infamous lost ending! Double Yay!!!!

Speaking of heard on that the killer cut of the remake isn't that exciting. But hey, I'll wait to judge!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The road leads to nowhere

As I said last week I wanted to rewatch The Last House on the Left before the remake comes out this friday. Managed to finally get down to it last night, which was a strange toss up between that or Slumdog Millionaire (if you can pick 2 more films that conflict with each other you win a prize).

Now I haven't watched The Last House on the Left for a while. I remeber being about 15/16 years old and there was amazing shop in Glasgow called Collectavision, basically if you slipped them a £5 you got your own copy of films that were hard to find or banned at that time. So I remember paying them £20 and I got The Last House on the Left, My Bloody Valentine, Black Christmas and I Drink your Blood. I had seen all the others but I hadn't seen The Last House on the Left. That night I watched it, well I got 20 mins into it and switched it off. I remember thinking it was hokey and badly made. A couple of days later I rewatched it and was pretty much blown away by it, but it had made me feel kinda hollow. I was glad I went beyond the first 20 mins as it get less "Russ Meyersie" and more brutal, not that I'm saying thats what I wanted to see but the tone of the film changed into something that's completely different from it's campy opening.

I totally appriciate the psychology of the film and I think its very much a film of it's time and I think it has the same deep down message that Texas Chainsaw Massacre does (America destroying it own youth) but it does it in a less subtle way. Watching it now I love how the tone changes back and forth between out and out nastiness (rape, murder, guts getting pulled out) to complete slapstick (bumbling cops, chicken coops, cake decorating), it can be a jarring expirience as it crosses over in a way thats like watching 2 films. Also forgot how amazing the music is in the film and had to download the soundtrack straight after.

I know everyone talks about the scene that the killers seems to find remorse in what they have done but it is such a good scene, very powerful. It's rawness is something that I love and miss sometimes. This, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Pink Flamingos have the same vibe. Just this raw creativity behind them. And the thing about Wes Craven, I mean I do like his movies. But for every good one, you get like 12 bad ones. For every Last House, The Hills Have Eyes, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Red Eye there is a Hills Have Eyes 2, Deadly Friend, Shocker, Vampire in Brooklyn, Cursed. He can be way to inconsistant. He doesn't respond well to a budget! Like alot of horror directors.

So I'm actually looking forward to the remake as I think it is going to take all the flaws from the original and keep it gritty, nasty and smart. Well I did say I hope

Monday, 1 June 2009

"Don't fuck with the fish from hell!".......Part 2

Okay......I have babbled on about how excited I'am about the Piranha reboot. Alexandre Aja, Elizabeth Shue, Vanessa from Gossip Girl, it's in 3D! The list could go on......... so add this set picture to my "Why Piranha is going to fucking rock list"

And by the by that's Kelly Brook with a mangled gnawed face. Why does that make me happy!

Shin Splinters

This made me piss myself laughing.

Friday, 29 May 2009

the more I see.....the more I want to pee!

I really cannot wait till August for 2 reasons.

1/ I should hopefully have reached my weight goal!

2/ This.........

Really really gleefully excited about both!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

"meh meh Freddy's coming for meh!"

Over at JoBlo they have posted the first image of a pre-burned Freddy Kruger from the remake of A Nightmare on Elm St.

I'm all a bit meh about this. I mean I like A Nightmare on Elm St and I always have but it wasn't Friday the 13th or Halloween ( I do realise both remakes of these were a bit meh but it was good to see them back) to me when I was a kid and Freddy became stale very very quickly. And dude what's with the jokes....just fucking kill them. Though I must admit as I have gotten older and dare I say it gayer. Cannot help but love Nancy's lush of a mother Marge. She is totally Mommy in the linen cupboard....fucking brilliant!

Heart her!!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Guess what I'm seeing in the cinema tonight???

and I cannot wait!!!

Monday, 25 May 2009

..........toooooo excited!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen. Here is the first footage from Rob Zombie's Halloween sequel H2.

Pee my self excited! He is using an effing axe!

Speaking of which........

Gonna watch Last House on the Left this week. Been a while since I watched it and I want to see it again before the remake is out. Review will be up in a couple of days. Feel free to watch it yourselves and comment!

"Maybe we're at war with Norway?"

It is very rare that I can go into a dvd shop, read the back of a dvd cover and actually buy it instead of saying "one to download". This such rarity happened to me on Saturday. I picked up a Norwegian movie called "Manhunt" (aka Rovdyr). The blurb on the back sold it to me and sold it to me good and I have alot faith in Norwegian horror thanks to Fritt Vilt 1 & 2 (aka Cold Prey) so my saturday night seemed set.

The plot of Manhunt is simple, it's 1974 in Norway and four 20-somethings Roger, his girlfriend Camilla, her friend Mia and her brother Jorgen are all travelling in the countryside in a camper van. They stop at a gas station and they meet the unfriendly locals and meet a very nervous girl who asks them for a lift. They get followed by another car that the hitch-hiker seems to fear and all of them are attacked and dragged off unconcious into the woods. When they wake they hear the cry of a horn and they realise that they are being hunted down by unseen hunters.

Now I know what you are thinking......."Dude I've seen that movie a million times before!" and yes, you are right you have. But Manhunt totally acknowledges it references....Texas chainsaw massacre, Just before Dawn, Turkey Shoot and it even starts with the opening song to Last House on the Left. The movie has an unashamed 70's vibe to it, the way it is filmed, the characters, it's brutality.

And this dear reader is why I liked it. In all the dreg that hits the cinema it's great to see something that is such an affectionate nod to 70's slasher cinema. When it opens you are unsure of who is the main character and who will survive. Camilla's character has a huge turn around in it. From animal loving vergetarian with passive agressive abusive boyfriend to a John Rambo-esque final girl. The movie is good! Trust me. It's only 70 mins long but it feels longer in a good way.

The movie ends really well and it's kinda a brave ending. Not in an Eden Lake I want to kill myself ending but in a very it leaves the audience to decide what happens next. Also one of the best uses of music in a horror during a scene since House of 1000 corpses i.e nice song......nasty things on screen! Watch it......t'was good.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Fucking each over for a percentage

Aliens......26 years old and it still an amazing movie.

Nuff said really!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tesco rocks!!!!!

I was in Tesco this week, doing my weekly shop after my salsa classes ("This show is called Goddess, it's ain't called Classes, take a hike!"). I was perusing the ailses buying the usual, mouthwash, chicken, stuff to make chilli, grow your own tomatoes kit blah blah blah.

Rather randomly, and I haste to add not in the toy ailse where it wouldn't have been strange. I found this! And if any of you know me you will my obsession with 2 ladies in my life. Kylie (sadly I do have a Kylie doll) and this lady.......

This doll rocks and needless to say I love supermarkets and their randomness. she now sits upon my fireplace, next to the Lo-Pan from Big trouble in little china doll I have. Pride of place for the 2 of them, wow they would make a weird couple!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Best Ebay Ever!!!!!!

Can I just point out what I managed to buy on ebay for £14

Yes, that is an original Friday the 13th Part 2 turkish full size poster, and Yes Amy Steel will be rocking it in my living room in her framed glory soon. Cannot wait!